Monday, December 22, 2008

Wife Wants a Boyfriend

We're fairly excited now that my Wife has decided she wants a boyfriend again.

This will not be her first boyfriend since we've been married. Not by any means. And what we're looking for will essentially be the same as in the past: Over 25, educated, single or divorced, successful, with a thick cock at least 6 1/2 inches in length. Must be in our area (east-central U.S.) And must be willing to phone and e-mail the Wife nearly every day. In short, she wants a LOVER who would be willing to do bi things with me for my Wife's amusement and entertainment.

My Wife is a natural polyandress -- a woman who, in the natural state of things, would have more than one husband. This may sound over the top but we've seriously discussed it and have agreed that she really can take a second husband if the situation ever arises. But she'd obviously have to fall in love and the guy would need to put a ring on her finger, exchange vows and have an ownership tattoo permanently inked with her name over his cock -- identical to my tattoo.

It's unlikely it'll ever happen. But we have plans in case it does. And we won't care what anybody thinks.

In the meantime, I'm going to get to screening some ads from guys.

We like playing with guys even more than couples because my Wife gets to be the center of attention. And the sex is just so damned hot. More on this in the next few days!

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